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Who has time to leave work, drive 20 minutes to PT or the gym, to be in therapy for an hour (only to have 15 minutes of your PT’s time) and then drive 20 minutes back to work? Well what if we could save you time and money by coming to you and providing one-on-one, individualized, 60 minute expert care in the comfort of your home, office or fitness center?

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Concierge Physical Therapy places a large emphasis on manual (“hands-on”) therapy and takes a holistic, personalized approach to treating your musculoskeletal conditions. We offer services for wherever you are on your health journey. Our goal is not just to get you well, but to help keep you well! By coming to you and observing how you move in your environment, we can be more specific in fixing your physical dysfunction.


We are not a traditional home care service for the home bound or for those unable to leave their homes without a great deal of assistance. We are a solution for busy adults looking for a better outpatient physical therapy rehab experience, and those who want quality holistic care and wellness to come to them with one-on-one attention and hands-on manual therapy, allowing them to save time and money and get healthy in fewer visits




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Our Clients

Our Clients

Whether you’re a busy professional, a stay at home parent, a small or large corporation, an older adult, or just someone who wants quality and convenient care to come to them, then Concierge Physical Therapy is your ideal health and wellness provider

We Come to You

We Come to You

All services are mobile and we treat in your setting.  We are experts at providing quality and convenient “in home” or “in office“ orthopedic physical therapy and wellness services. With our unique approach, and by providing 1-on-1 hour-long care focused around your specific goals, we can get the job done in fewer overall visits.

Variety of Services

Variety of Services

We specialize in manual (“hands-on”) physical therapy rehabilitation. You will be treated with expert care by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Our office focuses on Injury Prevention, Fitness Services, Nutritional Care, Massage Therapy, Ergonomic and Holistic-centered care. Save time and money with Concierge PT, where we make rehabilitation and wellness feasible for the busy person.


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